There are only a few days the World Cup in Brazil is over, and stadiums that were built for this reason are already empty. And they are large scale constructions, that forced hundred thousands people to abandon their residences. It is thought that almost 250.000 people were made to leave their houses, with providing them an alternative housing solution.

Two French architects, Axel de Stampa and Sylvain Macaux propose a solution, aiming to confronting both the homelessness issue and the future use of the stadiums. Their project is called “Casa Futebol” and is a proof that there are ways that difficult problems can be solved, as long as there are people aspiring to do so.

“The project “Casa Futebol” proposes a reappropriation of the stadiums renovated or built for the World Cup using modules of housing of a surface of 105 m ². It is not a question of denying the interest of Brazilians people for the soccer, otherwise of proposing an alternative in the deficit of housing.  Stadiums will continue to be used, receiving soccer matches, a part of the ganancies of which can finance the construction and the maintenance of the houses”.

A similar project has been recently developed in Europe, where homeless can use the interspace between billboards as a housing module. The ad in each side of the residence will be financing each module’s expenses.

Given the fact thet -for multiple reasons- government can’t help homeless, it is the average people the ones that have to find a solution to this problem. The only things needed are ideas and interest towards others.