The 2nd International Copenhagen Design Week is going to take part in “the most cool city in Europe”, as Copenhagen was recently called by the Ecologists from 1st-6th September 2011 under the title “Think Human”. The organizers of this year’s attempt are aiming to analyze the danish way of thinking behind their design attempts and especially its human tradition which for decades has been the basis of danish product design. Moreover, the programme demonstrates how design can contribute solving both local and global challenges – in relation to the invididual, the society and globally. The festival brings together activities from the world’s largest design award: INDEX:Award to exhibitions and conferences showing Copenhagen as a living lab of sustainable urban development. The week offers an exciting programme with exhibitions, conferences, talks, guided architecture tours etc. – all in a “Think Human” context. The whole effort is curated and conceptualized by Architect Tina Midtgaard and Architect Karen Kjaergaard and is going to be held at Kvæsthusmolen exhibition area.

Source: Copenhagen Design Week