Text by Renata

Shane McAdams creates stunning paintings with a ballpoint pen, all inside a tanning booth! This abstract art reminds us something between the works of Rothko and the Grateful Dead’s tapestry. He calls them “Pen Blow” drawings and not randomly. His method was developed after numerous experiments with materials from coffee to glue until he started using the old classic ballpoint pen. He opens them and blows on panels 12 x 12 or 24 X 24 inches. So when the ink comes out, it is saturated with color and so thick so that “instead of coming out as a spray mist, it looks like sticky interconnected strings ” that give the sense of a spider web.

McAdams himself explains that most pens fade in UV light. Therefore, he tried to cover them with tape and get inside a tanning booth, covering the ink with UV resin to achieve the desired result with the shapes we see in his work. This work is the result of hundreds of hours testing and playing with the ballpoint pen.

Source: FastCoDesign