‘It may look like graffiti, but actually a ridiculously concise indictment of the media’

The headline from Upworthy‘s feature on this particular piece of graffiti is its self a concise summation of much of the recent street-art, seen on the streets in the form of political or social messages.    In light of Upworthy’s article – in which is stated ‘It’s getting to the point where the only public places left to print meaningful, uncensored messages are giant slabs of plywood. ‘ – I decided to include in this post some other pieces of graffiti that resonant of this recurrent public plea; graffiti as politics…

First, for you Athens dwellers, and street-art lovers…

The Wake Up Call. 

Graffiti is one of the few mediums left, ‘free’ to anybody.  Art has become commodified, and whilst anybody can publish themselves with the help of the internet, this makes the online world saturated with nonsense.  How does one break through the cacophony of cat-photos, and twitter feeds?   In the real world, if one looks up from their iPhone, at least they might be greeted with one of these.  It’s the little things, to make you think.  To make you feel…  The truth is only depressing if you let it be.

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