Suzan Drummen’s artworks can’t be easily categorized. Theoretically, they are approaching installations. Practically though, they are caleidoscopic images, playing with optical illusions and challenging the eye to explore them. And once it is trying to decode her “installations” and is approaching the material, which they are made of, it will finally witness a 3-d carpet, climbing up on vertical surfaces, too.

The Dutch artist is manually locating mirrors, crystalls, optical glass and gemstones, in an act of patience and preciseness. The light games are making the psychedelic elements of her compositions more prominent, since its diffusion transfers them in a whole new level, in an imaginary ambience affecting the architecture of each space. She is making through her art, a study on beauty, symmetry, optical perception and its stimulus, transition and reading of a piece of art in more than one dimensions.

The fact that her elements are not glued on the floor, but are freely positioned, premises the establishment of a cooperation between the artist and the viewer. The impression of the stable and unshaken work of art is not a given, since the accidental moving of some material, can cause a domino of changes, which will eventually alter the initial result. It’s an interactive installation, that is aiming to the viewer’s non-action.

Everything is ephemeral and constantly changing. From the work’s presence and composition, to the light reflections and how each viewer perceives them. Suzan Drummen is managing to be admired and speaks to everyone in a different way. Because art is not just easily-read images and intentions, but for the most of it, it is interpretation. And whoever comes against one of her installations, can travel through it not inside the artist’s mind, but to his own subconscious.

Suzan Drummen,



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