5 TV Series that We Don’t Want to Miss!


[The American television has turned into a small cinema. The new series by Baz Luhrmann and Cameron Crowe are the proved truth of it.]

It is an undeniable fact that the bloom of foreign TV series hasn’t ceased to exist and this is why almost all of us go to sleep with a laptop right next to us. Here are five series that aim to rock the TV and (Internet) boat.

#5. American Gothic (CBS)

With Steven Spielberg producing it, the new series of CBS is scheduled for this summer and it revolves around a bourgeois family in Boston, whose members are the usual suspects for a series of murders that take place there. A whodunit mystery series, full of suspense and twists, as the secrets and lies of a whole family are literally hanging by a thread.

#4. Roadies (Showtime)

Cameron Crowe (“Almost Famous”) brings for the first time his talent to the small screen, as he writes, directs and produces the highly anticipated series of Showtime, which tracks what happens backstage after a series of concerts. The “Roadies” are none other than famous actors like Luke Wilson and Carla Gugino (who impersonate the technical crew of the concerts), while the bands that perform on stage are actual well known bands!

#3. The Exorcist (Fox)

More than four decades after the movie, “The Exorcist” is a modern psychological thriller around two very different priests, confronted with a difficult (and frightening) case of demonic possession. The new series of Fox promises to make our nights .. unforgettable.

#2. Prison Break (Fox)

The series that changed television as we knew it revived after (one coming out of Wentworth Miller and) some years. The suspicion that Michael Scofield might be alive lead his brother Lincoln, Michael’s wife, Sara, and the rest of the gang to the greatest breakout we’ve seen in the history of “Prison Break”.

#1. The Get Down (Netflix)

Baz Luhrmann directs for the small screen! Well read, the director of “Great Gatsby” and “Romeo and Juliet” is holding the reins of the new series of Netflix, focused in New York of the 70’s and following a gang of teenagers who likes to dance and to do graffiti, when not mixed up in fights. The “Get Down”, which is loosely flirting with the genre of musical is the story of how New York, on the brink of bankruptcy, gave birth to hip-hop, punk music and disco – through the life of a group of teenagers in South Bronx, that changed the city and the world … forever. Do you want more? Jaden Smith is in it, while Elana Cameras holds her first major role.