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A Water Tower Turns Out to Be a Unique House!


The majority of the people wouldn’t pay much attention to an old water house especially if it’s located to a small village in Belgium with the name Steenokkerzeel!  It needed just one person to look closer to what this tower that was built at 1938 and still in use in the beginning of the 90s could become with the interference of the famous bham design studio. Below you have the chance to see how the inside of this unique house looks like. The total extent of the house is 450 m2 and the height is up to 30 meters. It is a fully equipped house with a master bedroom, garage, storage, office, bathrooms, living room, dining room and library room. What is even more unique? The cat’s room and the stairs made of steel that lead the visitor from level 5 to a unique terrace with 360o panoramic view.

Ria Maidoni

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