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Ayako Suwa: Food Creation Beyond Imagination


During our childhood, our parents used to tell us to not play with food. The Japanese food artist Ayako Suwa breaks this rule and takes it to a whole new level. She is surreally inspired as she challenges whatever comes out the kitchen by giving us a whole new experience in how to eat and how it can make us feel.

After graduating from the Kanazawa College of Art, Ayako started her company Food Creation in 2006. Her first exhibition, “Sensuous Food, Emotional Taste”, was held two years later at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. Ayako rocked the culinary world with her raw and insanely creative techniques. Actually, she treats food as the ultimate communication tool and she states “The concept reaches your stomach”. In the context of her Food Creation’s dinner events Ayako invites the guests to leave taste to go deep into them, hit the unconscious and awake instinct. Until the next dinner…