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Cassette not dead!

Designers Turn Old Tapes Into Lamps

There’s a design project called ‘Cassette is not dead‘ that stole our heart at first sight. The ultimate upcycling project that endorses efurbishing cassette tapes into lamps. A group of designers from Spain decided to work on a barter system, asking people to send them old pre-recorded or original tapes. The team is bringing them back to life.

Designers Refurbish Cassette Tapes Into Lamps

The designers send a free gift in return, making their friends extra happy. It could be a wallet or a mini lamp made out of those tapes which are tied together with plastic or super glued.

Designers Refurbish Cassette Tapes Into Lamps

Every object and especially the lamps are one of a kind. You can find them at the following link, the teams unique online store.