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Creepy Clowns Wandering Around the Streets of California


On the 1st of October a creepy Clown appeared, wandering around the streets of Wasco, California at night. His nature wasn’t so kind, as every other clown is. Is that coming from the new season of the American Horror Story- The Freak Show? Or is it just because everything paranormal happens to U.S.A.? Either way, creepy clowns are getting more and more at night and they have expanded in many more cities of the West Coast.

Residents of Wasco, caught up with the man in the clown suit, who revealed that his clowning around was for a year-long photo project, with his wife and that they’re not associated with any social media accounts featuring their photos. The man wished to remain anonymous.

Up till that point, no one got hurt from the Clowns, but who knows what happens next?

* Words by Kristel Liakou