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HY-Fi MoMA PS1 2014: The young achitectural Program winners (photos & video)


The New York based firm “The Living”  is the winner of this year MoMA’s PS1 Young Architecture Program with its HY-Fi proposal. HY-Fi is a biodegradable pavilion that will be constructed entirely from recyclable materials. The bricks that will form the base of the tower , will be constructed by a combination of agricultural byproducts and mushroom mycelium. The upper section of the structure will be made from reflective bricks produced using a specially developed mirror film. Initially these will be used as growing trays for the organic bricks, but will later be installed at the top of the tower to help to bounce light down inside.



MoMA curator Pedro Gadanho said: “This year’s YAP winning project bears no small feat. It is the first sizeable structure to claim near-zero carbon emissions in its construction process and, beyond recycling, it presents itself as being 100 percent compostable”. See the photos and video, below.

Text: Iraklis Txiarhis