Art & Design

Installations interacting with viewers by Daniel Rozin


Based in New York, Daniel Rozin creates impressive installations that respond to the viewer’s presence. The art works are able to interact on real-time with the viewers and like other mirrors can represent their movements and their figures. The materials used for these structures vary from wooden pegs, plastic spokes, hand fans and even discarded trash. Each art piece uses a custom software and video sensors that allow it to move and mimic the movements of the person in front of it.

Bitforms gallery which exhibited these works over years and represents the artist, states: “Merging the geometric with the participatory, Rozin’s installations have long been celebrated for their kinetic and interactive properties. Grounded in gestures of the body, the mirror is a central theme of Rozin’s practice. In his art, surface transformation becomes a means to explore animated behavior, representation, and illusion.”

See some of Rozin’s art mirrors in the following videos: