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Irene Zorpa

Irene Zorpa studied art at ASFA after gaining a scholarship while she continued with an MA at Wolverhampton University from where she graduated a distinction. At the moment she participates in two group exhibitions in Athens and talks to OZON about an art full of colours.

-In your painting you use intense colors and contrasts. Where does this pallet of colors come from?

Generally, I like working with intense colors. That’s the meaning of my art; to work with passion for liveness and to finally create a pleasant work of art, which will draw your attention for its liveness. With complete freedom in my pallet, I combine basic and complementary, warm and cold colors, contrary to each other, leading in that way, to the impression of 3D installations.

-This period you exhibiting two of your works, each one having different style. Tell us a few words about that.

Both of them are group projects. One of them is at TERRE D’ASRTISTES at Kolonaki, and the other one at Chrysis Gallery at Sidagma. I will tell you about the first gallery, which exposes many of my works that have as main subjects umbrellas, stairs and faces. I would characterize them as ‘abstract expressionism’, since each one has intense and many layers of colors but at the same time they are dominated by a chaotic and violent touch, with an instinctive use of color. At the second gallery, my works’ subject is ‘stairs’ but the way they are made is different. The basic style is collage and a mix of different material, for instance, newspaper, oil pastel and textile, which fit harmonically in the space.

-One of the two basic mottos in your work is the stair. What does it symbolizes and what meaning does it have to you?

I love this question and I am pleased to give you an answer. When I was a student at the School of Fine Arts, at my 5th year, I was preparing my final project, with subject ‘stairs’, from different perspectives etc. ‘Stairs’ mean a lot to me, especially now that I have it as a main subject in many of my works. The symbolization and the meaning to me is to someday achieve to reach the highest level as an artist. It will take a long time but I am very optimistic about it.

-The second one is the ‘umbrella’. In what way does it relate to stairs?

The concept of the umbrella is a new one, still in progress. It started this year, but I cannot tell you much about it, since it is still at the stage of development. I am already creating a painting, which has both subjects in it.

-What is the role of your feelings, in your work? Can you paint both happy and sad? How does this reflect in your drawings?

My feelings have a great role in my paintings and they are reflected in them. I paint whether I am happy or sad. Usually when I am sad my touch is more violent and spontaneous.

-How difficult is it for an artist in Greece?

Unfortunately, here in Greece it is very difficult. No mater how good your work is, without public relations you cannot do something. Art is my life and I believe that open-minded fans of modern art, despite the difficulties, will recognize my work.

-What are your future plans?

For now I work a lot and I give my best and my soul, with a lot of craziness and passion for what I do. I let everything come and I try to do the best I can at my work, hoping that some day it will be recognized.

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