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Jean-Michel Basquiat x KOMONO: a Series of Unique Timepieces

Jean-Michel Basquiat was an artist-symbol of contemporary art, of New York, a friend of Andy Warhol and Debbie Harry, part of the70s New York music scene. Passing away at 28 years old, was another reason why he is even more recognizable nowadays. Known for his obsolete-like racial designs or child scribblings, that accentuate even more his raw innocence, aythenticity or childish spirit, he appeared as SAMO (Same Old Shit) and would make graffities on the walls of the Lower East Side. Pretty soon, he entered the elite art circles, even though he was quite ironic against them previously.

“The mythic and exotic prince” is presented as another tragic, misunderstood, genius hero, as an intriguingly charming and attractive personality, ideal as well for designers, like KOMONO, to draw experience from.

KOMONO is a brand that blurs the lines between art and design, and they can prove that, thanks to this Basquiat-inspired collection. He is the artist, with whom they chose to introduce their Komono Curated Series. They use 6 Basquiat paintings, out of which they craft the watches’ wristbands, so each piece is unique. Every watch is a different detail of the painting.

You can find the unique pieces of JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT x KOMONO at

“Wizard Museum”






“Return of the Central Figure”