Art & Design

Mariko Mori @ Espace Louis Vuitton, Tokyo


Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo, welcomes Mariko Mori’s carte-blanche exhibition. Mariko Mori is a New York-based, internationally-acclaimed Japanese artist, presenting her 8TH exhibition entitled Infinite Renew. The artist redefines and inhabits the gallery’s high-ceiling and glazed space through 8 pieces, out of which 7 have been created especially for the show and 3 are supported by Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo.

The exhibition is about an Infinite Energy triptych – that features a series of 3 high-tech spirals connecting the visitors from the floor to the ceiling. The sculpture series of Renew follows the Möbius form and reflects the common faith of existence, from the primal particles to the multiverse, the never-ending circulation of the life and death. As every existence renews its life, there is no beginning or end.

The exhibition Infinite Renew indeed invites the visitors to experience an endless renewal of invisible energy, but it also reminds us of “our common faith of the endless renewal of its energy”. It will remain open to the public till January 5th.