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Movie Stars Meet In 3D Collages


The past meets the present through the creations of the artist  George Chamoun. His latest project is called Iconatomy and consists of images that juxtapose movie stars from our days and from the past. These collages of two movie stars from two different eras, merge together to form one face. The artist created the Iconatomy series of images as an investigation in the beauty ideals of the movie world. George Chamoun is an artist and art student living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. Studying at two preparatory schools, he came to the conclusion that his interest lies in working with the body in different ways. While working mostly in 3D nowadays, his love for paper collages and print matter will always be present in his artistry.

Iconatomy-by-George-Chamoun-2-640x793 Iconatomy-by-George-Chamoun-3-640x793 Iconatomy-by-George-Chamoun-4-640x793 Iconatomy-by-George-Chamoun-5-640x793