Art & Design

Nido: the cabin in the woods by Robin Falck


Having the need for a personal place where he could relax and escape his everyday routine, designer Robin Falck decided to create a small construction in the woods which he named eventually “Nido”. The word in Italian means “bird nest” fact that reflects perfectly the designer’s concept.

In order to avoid bureaucracy, the construction had to be less than 9 square meters so Falck had to come up with a design that could take the most of the available space. The materials used were all local recycled and were even carried to the spot by hand in order to maintain the nature untouched.

Falck realized this project by working with architect Bruno Erat. The large bent windows allow the daylight to enter the whole cabin while as the owner says “you can even admire the stars during the night”. In the first of the floors of the cabin there is a small lounge area with a micro-kitchen while the second one is used for sleeping and storage.