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Roskilde Festival 2014: “Don’t Talk About Your Dreams”

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Today we interviewed film director Sune Lykke Albinus, who made a short film at the Roskilde Festival last year. We wanted to know how working his film in the chaotic surroundings of the Roskilde Festival was.

The movie is called “Don´t talk about your dreams” and is a love story about a former couple meeting accidentally on the Roskilde Festival. They spend 24 hours together and relive their love. But in the end, even the magical feeling and the happy vibrations of the festival can’t save their lost love and the present is catching up with them. Starring in the movie is the two Norwegian actors Jakob Oftebro and Iben Akerlie.

#1: Why did you choose Roskilde Festival as the setting for the movie?

The first thing I decided was to make a film during the Roskilde Festival – the story came afterwards. To begin with, I started writing a diary of all my feelings during my experiences on Roskilde Festival, since I started going in 1996. I discovered that all the years I went to the festival I was either in love or in pain (heartaches), so therefore my story had to be a love story.

Roskilde festival is to me a place where we let out all the emotion and euphoria that we have been bottled up during the rest 360 odd days of the year. It is like a parallel universe.

#2: How was it working in the spontaneous surroundings of Roskilde Festival?

I was dreading it but at the same time excited! Normally I work with the mantra that I want minimal control, because I often find that the outcome feels more real. But I knew it would be very hard. Luckily for me, I was pleasantly surprised. The light, the sound and the people surrounding the movie set, inspired me. There were very few problems during the takes. Only three scenes were not used, because of people looking into the camera. I would never have chosen the music in the film, but actually we ended up using real concert sound as music background in the movie. It was a perfect fit.

#3: What does Roskilde Festival mean to you?

The only thing I know when a new year begins is that I am going to the Roskilde Festival. One year I ended up not going and I had this empty feeling all summer. But your participation in the festival changes when you get older. When you are fifteen you just take without giving. Now I feel like giving something back to the festival. If I should describe the festival in one word it would be ‘freedom’. It is like one big collaborative orgasm.

#4: Which concerts do you look forward to see?

The band “Cancer”, their EP was very impressive. I hope to make a music video with them soon. We have been talking about it. And then of cause I have to listen to The Rolling Stones.

I missed out on Bruce Springsteen some years ago and regretted it, so now I have to make up for it.

#5: Did the fact that you made the movie on Roskilde Festival change the way you see the festival now?

If anything, it made me love it even more. And I want to make a new film where I will incorporate more festivals in different parts of the world. More concerts, more festival guests, more chaotic surroundings, and authentic light. Get an even bigger story about being part of the magical festival feeling.

Christina, Tine & Nanna.

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