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Ryan McGinley: Vertical Color of Sound


‘A First Solo Show in China for the American Photographer Of Carefree Youth’

New York photographer Ryan McGinley’s latest exhibition, Vertical Color of Sound, showcases his love to photograph other artists (painters, photographers, writers, etc).  He takes these naked bodies, and places them in nature; as life intended, perhaps?   Playing with light and colour, he draws upon the beauty of all of us and in the world around.


In an interview with Nowness:

‘How does everyone entertain themselves on the long trips?
Ryan McGinley: 
People who have large personalities will often keep the rest of us entertained. Everyone gets to cook their favorite dish. We listen to lots of music. We also try to go to old drive-in movie theaters in small American towns and see double features.

Your works often depict the joy of youth and the wonder of nature; do you think these two worlds have become too disconnected in our digital world?
Yes, everyone is on their phones and doesn’t take the time to smell the roses. They are getting their dose of nature by looking at my photos on Instagram.

I’ve heard that everyone you shoot is tattooed afterwards, almost like a secret society?
It’s a tradition on my cross-country journeys that most models get a little stick-and-poke tattoo to commemorate the trip but it’s not mandatory. It’s a nice way to remember the experience.’



Vertical Color of Sound at Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong runs from May 13 to June 21.