Art & Design

Shiny Disco Ball… Oven


At the heart of any quality pizzeria is a wood fired oven and at the center of any good night club, there is a disco ball. Well, Disco Volante is what comes out of combining these two things. The pizzeria -the second of its kind hosted by Maria Fuchs- is a typical pizzeria located in Vienna that cooks-up its menu in a giant rotating disco ball oven that even turns at approximately one revolution per minute. The glittering appliance has been spawned from the imagination of Madame Mohr – a local creative collective whose goal is not only to design but also fabricate their concepts whenever possible. In the case of the restaurant’s centerpiece, they have constructed an oven whose outer shell is made from heat resistant concrete, realized through CNC-technology, in order to shape its spherical formation. The mechanism that enables the contraption to move is hidden below the baking surface, where heat does not damage sensitive components. The giant, shimmering ball is clad with approximately 7,500 specially cut mirrored tiles that were glued to its exterior on site…