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The New Yorker Launches its First GIF Cover

Rain Cover

The New Yorker for New Yorkers is like a bible. And not only. Since its debut on February 21, 1925, it is thought as one of the most intelligent, original and sophisticated magazines. Its covers -always hand-drawn- play a major role in the magazine’s special character. But since its first cover by Rea Irvin, there have been a lot of changes and The New Yorker just released its first animated GIF cover, created by German artist Christoph Niemann and shows a yellow cab through a misty raindrop, while a few raindrops drop down the cover.

“When I arrived in New York for the first time, it was pouring. Maybe that;s why, to my mind, there’s no place on earth where being stuck in traffic on a rainy day is more beautiful”, said Niemann to The New Yorker’s website.

The New Yorker’s first cover