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VW Beetle turns into a sphere in Art Basel, Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong hosted for 3 days from 15 to 18 of May, the first ever ‘Art Basel’  exhibition presenting the work of emerging artists from Asia and the Pacific regions aiming at make their work known to the international artisitic community. Sculpturer Ichwan Noor is one of the participants who impressed the guests of the show and justly, as he transformed a vintage Volkswagen Beetle of 1953 into a perfect structured…sphere!


How did he managed to do so? He used pieces of the legendary vintage car and in combination with aluminum and polyester he created a huge sphere of 180 x 180 x180 cm.  This is not the first time that Ichwan Noor has transformed a Volkswagen car into a bizarre shape as in the past he did morph it into…a cube!