Art & Design

When art meets design. The new role of design.


The best artifacts in history were unprecedented and transcended its time. Their compositions, colors, and styles don’t just hang on gallery walls today. They are all around us, in everything from shoes to furnitures. This seems to be where art meets design. Design is for communicating and achieving a specific goal. Today, the goal is often to market and sell products or services through design, whether by packaging a product, building a brand or creating a Web experience. Although modern designers are no much different from the old. Even though a particular design may be intended to communicate the message of a corporation, it still reflects the world around us, and the designer has left his or her mark on it. But what happens when a classical or unique work of art is featured on T-shirts, plates, notebooks, posters, handbags etc?  (First image: Warhol’s influence seen today: Soho Brewery Packaging)

Piet Mondrian, Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue, 1927


“Mondrian” Day dress by Yves Saint Laurent, 1965


Mondrian’s influence seen today: Chiasso Windows Vase


Andy Worhol, Orange Car Crash Fourteen Times, 1963


Yayoi Kusama, infinity Dots H.R.T, 2001


Kusama’s influence seen today: The Killers Album Art


Andy Worhol, Banana, 1966


Warhol’s influence seen today: Royal Elastics’ shoes