Director Converts Your Sexts into Short Films!


With just $55, you can see your erotic fantasies, exchanged through messages, become a short film! How ready are you for it?

Due to the technology and to our mobile or computer screen, that does not share our embarrassment, all of us find it easy to send occasionally texts or inbox messages to the object of our desire, that contain our most intimate sex dreams. The director, Eileen Yaghoobian, decided to give shape to this post-modern habit of ours and help us remove the guilt out of it with a strong dose of courage and humor. Thus, in her project, “Send me your sexts”, we all have the opportunity to see our erotic fantasies, that we express or exchange through messages, converted into short films of maximum duration 6′! As Eileen said to Dazed: “The only reason people regret sexting is because shaming culture breeds guilt – it’s that feeling you get from a morally abject thought that is hardly ever acted upon that compels people to sext all the time.”

The idea was born when she was publicly showing to her friends the erotic messages she had exchanged in the past. “It’s like we’re removing the distance created by the technology, showing how far human desire goes if it’s not restrained by a certain embarrassment or self-censorship.”

How much imagination can fit in six minutes?

Source: dazeddigital