Bullion – Gold Standard


London’s beat Midas dropped his awesome Beach Boys / Dilla bootleg back in ‘07 and has since signed to one of London’s most redoubtable labels; Black Athena caught him during a flying visit to Athens.

You got noticed through “Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee”; how did that transpire? I had this Pet Sounds box set with loads of extra parts; Donuts had just come out, which I’d been listening to loads so I thought I’d do something with the Beach Boys parts in that style.

How did you get it out there? Just using the internet? It got sent to a couple of DJs like Benji B and the rest was online – a few music blogs covered it and I got a nice reaction which I really hadn’t expected!

Now you’re releasing on One Handed; how did that come about? I worked at Sky TV and was talking to Alex (One Handed boss / Stones Throw rep) about getting some music to use and ended up sending him some of my stuff; he liked “Get Familiar” and “Rude Effort” and so released them! For me the nicest thing was signing to the same label as Paul White ‘cause I was heavily into his sound.

And you and Paul DJ together now sometimes? Yeah, we like trying to outdo each other with weirdness!

What’s in the pipeline? Is there an album planned? The “Young Heartache” EP came out in March but I’m not sure about the LP yet as I’d like to have a solid idea of what I’m trying to achieve; some kind of focus rather than the vague hope it’ll come together!

What are you listening to these days? I’m buying lots of 70s prog and really like Terry Reid and Fleetwood Mac; I’ve got quite a pop taste but I also like weirder trippy psych. I’m terrible at recalling what I’m listening to though; I can’t even remember what I was listening to yesterday!