Fleetwood Mac Announce UK and Ireland Tour in 2015


Considering the “On with the Show” Tour’s success in United States and Canada, started on 30th of September and ending on 31th of March 2015, Fleetwood Mac reported that they are touring also in Europe. The rock band formed in 1967, which has been in the music industry, possibly remember their roots, as they are half American- half British band which formed in London, but influenced mainly by American country and now they gonna bring “On with the Show” in Europe and particularly England and Ireland.

Following a record sell out tour in 2013, the rock legends will be joined by returning singer Christine McVie, following a 16 year absence. McVie reported “It was so comfortable being back on stage with them as if no time had passed, and then we all started talking and it feels like the time is right. I’m really happy”. So, apart from Stevie Nicks, Europe will enjoy the voice of Christine and generally reunited/hole Fleetwood Mac. The tour starts on 27 May of 2015 in London (London O2 Arena) and ends on 30 June in Leeds. Tickets are priced at £50 and will be on sale online on November 14th.

* Words by Kristel Liakou