Halcyon Selects: Bear in Heaven – Sinful Nature

Bear In Heaven is another great band based in Brooklyn, a city which traditionally gives us some of the best contemporary bands of the recent years. Their sound incorporates elements from psychedelic, electronic, experimental and krautrock and their official debut album “Red Boom of The Bloom” was released in 2007. Then, two years later came a sophomore critically acclaimed album titled “Beast Rest Forth Month”, which listed them in the elite of other bands similar to their sound, such as School of Seven Bells. This year, they come back with an equally very good album named “I Love You, It’s Cool” fulfilling the audience’s great expectations. First single was “The Reflection of You”, while yesterday a new music video was published for their second single titled “Sinful Nature”, directed by Yoonha Park, a former Pitchfork Media producer and editor. This brilliant music video unexpectedly combines late-80s iconography, with CGI adaptations of characters from the movie Pretty Woman and colorful neon backgrounds, giving a visual result which perfectly fits the song. Their new LP “I Love You, It’s Cool” is out now via Hometapes.