Halcyon Selects: Perfume Genius – Dark Parts

Perfume Genius (Mike Handreas) is one of the biggest surprises this year, since after releasing his sophomore album last February, he managed something that many new artists wish but they rarely succeed: to release a second critically acclaim album. “Put Your Back N 2 It” is a wonderful, melodic LP from the first till the last track, with songs-references either to Handreas’ personal life experiences, or harrowing aspects of human behavior. Perfume Genius is an openly gay person, who is not afraid to talk about it in public or show his sensitiveness through his songs, while he often boldly and honestly provides a quite feminine image of himself, just because it’s the way he prefers to be expressed. After the music video for the amazing “Hood”, yesterday he released a second one, this time for the single “Dark Parts”, directed by Winston Case. The song was written for his mother, talking about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her grandfather. What is very rare and touching here is that he gets her to be the star of the video, along with his real boyfriend too, wanting this way to express how strong, beautiful, loved and important she is to him.