Halcyon Selects: Tennis – Deep In The Woods

Tennis (Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore) is a husband/wife duo from Denver, who released its widely praised debut album earlier this year, followed by a great hype around it, thanks to the famous love story that lead to its creation. Today, Tennis are back releasing their new EP “Origins / Deep in the woods”, giving us a sample of their sophomore album “Young and Old” that is going to be released on 14th of February by ATP Recordings. “Deep in the woods” is the new video clip of the duo and is inspired by Shirley Jackson’s novel We Have Always Lived in a Castle – a book that tells the story of two devoted sisters who murdered all the other members of their family, poisoning them with arsenic.

Sweet, melodic dreap pop with Alaina’s enchanting voice singing dark lyrics of a murder story, visualized by directors Scott Laidlaw and Frank Rinaldi, giving it some creepy David Lynchi-ian feel from the Twin Peaks.