Homemade Device for Tapes Scratching


A new invention bump into music procession and it has been very popular in youtube thanks to Sean Bell’s video. That video shows step by step how to piece together a device, he calls Scrub Board, and is a machine that allows to scratch tapes, just like vinyls. It is something similar to vinyl scratching that marked a hip hop and a DJ music era.

Although the Scrub Board, could be useful for those times, back then. Nowadays it is almost useful, because application and youtube have replaced everything. However, don’t be that impressed, this concept is not innovation because Nam June Paik came up with a similar device back in 1963, which completely makes sense because of the external use of cassettes in the 60s. Of course we didn’t knew about it because back then there was no internet. Anyhow, it is interesting that a new -almost- invention, came up.

Source: www.factmag.com

* Words by Kristel Liakou