Miley Cyrus poses for Terry Richardson again. Curious to see how?


Miley Cyrus, soon after twerking in Robin Thicke’s face during her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, seems to be taking it too far. Cyrus’ previous set of photos posted on Terry Richardson‘s Diary, was to say the least raunchy.

TR even directed Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” video, where she also appears mainly nude. Since then, the 20 year old pop star, kept taking her nudity and explicitness one step further every week. Untill now. It is inevitable, that when someone hears the news of a new Miley Cyrus post on Terry’s diary, expects to come across something shocking. Well, the new set of pics they shot together, is. Shocking.



So, it’s just Miley, Terry, her parka, his glasses and a Pomeranian.