Roskilde Festival 2014: Risk of Electrical Shock


Esben Valløe performed with his band Reptile Youth Monday evening. Danish Reptile Youth is known for their crazy and energetic concerts. We met him to talk about their performance and dive into how he creates music. Friends Esben Valløe and Mads Damsgaard formed the band in 2008 during an internship in Shanghai and since 2009 they have played all over the world. They just released the new album ”Rivers that Run for a Sea”.

#1: What was it like performing on Roskilde this year?

An hour before the show, it started raining and it just wouldn’t stop. Within seconds, everything was soaked, including the stage and the sound desk. Few minutes before the show, we were taken to an emergency meeting about the stage security. Somebody encouraged us to cancel our performance, because there was a risk of electrical shock. Of course we didn’t. Roskilde is notorious for being intense, but this was something special.

#2: What is your relationship with the festival?

In 2002, I was a teenager and I went to Roskilde for the first time. There were a hundred thousand people gathering for a week to form a parallel society in the middle of nowhere. It was full of love, escapism and optimism. And it still is. Coming here for 13 years straight, Roskilde is one of my favorite festivals and playing here is an honor like it is an honor to play on the national team of soccer.

#3: How do you get inspired when you create music?

It takes certain energy to create. For me being frustrated with love or annoyed with politics is a good place to start. Creating takes some pain and it’s the best cure too.

#4: Which concert do you personally look forward to experience at the festival?

I’m busy recording my first solo album. I’ll be merely 50 km from the site, but I hope to be back here head-banging with The Horrors, raving with Moderat and moshing with Rob Zombie.

#5: Do you have a Roskilde festival anecdote you would like to share?

Once I woke up by some guy yelling outside of the tent. He was pulling my foot intensely and he told me that Michael would be back from his shift in half an hour, encouraging me to leave very soon. The tent wasn’t mine and I didn’t know him or any guy called Michael. And I was naked…

#6: What is the future relation between you and the Roskilde Festival?

We will be back for sure. Next year I will have my solo album finished, so I might play at Roskilde again.

Take a look at pictures from the concert.

Christina, Nanna & Tine.