Roskilde Festival: Orange Thursday

orange stage

Today, Thursday, the Roskilde Festival will open its famous Orange stage. Originally, the Rolling Stones used the stage back in the 70’s, but now it is the trademark of Roskilde Festival. Tonight, it will reunite with Mick Jagger and co. who will -for the first time- perform at the Festival. But first, Outkast will open the stage -it is going to be a great evening!

We met the bubbly Cille Veje to know more about her Roskilde secrets and which concerts she can’t wait to experience.


Cille is Copenhagen’s most colourful entrepreneur. She is the superwoman behind “Cille Veje Oplevelsesdesign” (Cille Veje Experience Design) -a creative bureau where she works with experience design and communication. She takes care of PR, fashion events and bookings for various venues, concept development and music management. She also, DJs and has that special kind of alluring energy that makes everyone smile around her.

As you can imagine Cille is the girl to go to, if you want to know what’s happening in Denmark right now -so we thought why not hook up with her on this year’s festival?

#1: What is your relationship to Roskilde Festival?

I have been at Roskilde festival each year for the last 10 years. I was 17 the first time I went and a group of friends and I went to the festival with tents and lots of good stuff and lived there for a week.

As the years have passed by, I started to work in the music industry through my job and now it’s a natural thing for me to go to the festival, discover new music for the venues I book for and meet lots of lovely people from the industry.

I have a special relationship with the Roskilde festival. It is a love/hate relationship, since I hate the mud, the drunkenness and chaos, but at the same time I love all the new music, all the happy festival guests, the smiles and that you can totally be yourself. It is like a break from everyday routines; where people just enjoy each other and the surroundings.


#2: What are your must-sees this year and why?

As a DJ, I have often play Outkast’s tracks and every time on a high volume, with a smile on my face and groove on my feet. They make me dance and I am as excited as a child to experience their parade of hits on Thursday evening.

Friday is my 28th birthday and the day will have the best start with the “Cancer” concert. I am totally blown away by their sound. The first time I heard the project and their “ballads” it created a very special mood and gave me goose bumps. Furthermore, the band consists of two of my favorite singers; Nikolaj Vonsild from When Saints Go Machine and Chorus Grant front singer Kristian Finne. So I can’t wait to experience them!

In my time as a DJ at the venue Drone in Copenhagen I played a lot of Siouxsie & The Banshees and Cocteau Twins, so it is very natural that I am crazy about Warpaint and their delicate rock universe with inspiration from hip and trip hop. Not only do they have an amazing sound, they also create beautiful lyrics and are super cool ladies!


This year I will end the festival at the Julia Holter concert and her avant-garde pop. Julia is inspired by musicals, jazz, poetry and theater united in a light and inspiring cocktail and alluring universe.



#3: What is your best Festival memory?

A Snoop Dogg concert, some years ago. I was so excited that I got cornrows and thought that I was totally hip-hop. The concert was amazing but in the evening I was hit by sunstroke because I forgot to put sunscreen on my exposed scalp.


#4: Any tips and tricks for the perfect festival?

Eat well and in a healthy way, don’t be afraid to pee in the bushes, smile to the world and take care of each other

Check out Cille’s universe at www.cilleveje.com.

Christina, Nanna & Tine