This Plate Removes 30 Calories From Your Meal!


[Since it is hard to change the way it is cooked, let’s change the way it is served!]

It is called the “AbsorbPlate” and does exactly what its name promises: it catches and holds some of the grease from your meal. It contains 500 perforations – part of its design –  enough to keep the oil away from your food. It is considered to “capture” 7ml oil, which corresponds to about one and a half teaspoon of oil. If it doesn’t seem enough, you should know that it amounts to at least 30 calories from your food!

It is designed by the Advertising Agency BBDO Bangkok in collaboration with the Health Promotion Agency in Thailand, famous not only for its oily cuisine, but also for the second position it holds in Southeast Asia among the countries with the highest obesity rates, which lead to health problems such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.