Tommy Ton Has His Own Website Now!

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Tommy Ton launched his own website, after called it quits earlier this week, to turn into an e-commerce platform.

In collaboration with New York-based studio, 2×4 , the site includes more than 15,000 photographs, that the Canadian strret style photographer has shot over the last 10 years, from all around the world. Of course, shots provided to are part of the collection too and as Tommy Ton said, he will be updating his online collection weekly, while original content of interviews will be added to its content.

“When and my contract concluded, I just felt like it was time for me to start off fresh again and return to what my original intentions were when I first started my blog eight years ago with Jak & Jil. And just to have fun. I wanted to be able to focus on my independent voice again and to experience fashion month not being on deadline for anyone else.”, said the photographer to fashion website, Business of Fashion.