When summer comes and you are stuck in the city while the heatwaves become unbearable, everyone starts dreaming about weekend escapes. We see ourselves spending time on sand beaches, sipping on cold fruity cocktails in front of clear, blue waters. Unfortunately for many that is going to stay a dream. The answer to that? Rooftops!

Rooftop venues have been popping up for quite a while now and are spreading all over the world. Those open spaces, on top of high buildings offer the chance for an escape from the concrete jungles of the world. Even if you can only spare a few hours, to have an after-work drink, the spectacular view will be worth it.

Either it is a restaurant with a 360-degrees view of London’s cityscape, a community park on top of a shopping mall in California or an innovative design marvel like the glass installation of the Louis Vuitton Foundation based in Paris, Taschen has found it and compiled a list of the world’s most breathtaking rooftops. The list can be found in the book Rooftops. Islands in the Sky published by Taschen.

These are at the 10 rooftops that stood out to us. Discover them and if you are living close by, make your summer dreams come true and visit these islands that hide within our cities.


by Thanos Arabatzis


SushiSamba, London, UK courtesy of Heron Tower


Fichtebunker, Berlin, Germany courtesy of Taschen


The Hills At Vallco, Cupertino, California, USA courtesy of El Estoque


Hedonistic Rooftop Penthouses, Copenhagen, Denmark courtesy of Taschen


Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris, France courtesy of Pursuitist


House K, Hyogo, Japan courtesy of Domus


Hypar Pavilion Lawn, New York, USA courtesy of DS+R


House of the Infinite, Càdiz, Spain courtesy of Taschen


Skypark, Singapore courtesy of The Golden Scope


One Central Park, Sydney, Australia courtesy of Taschen

images taken fom Sleek Magazine


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