It’s quite hard to believe that these atmospheric photos belong to campaign for carpets. The company ABC Carpet & Home present their ‘Aura’ collection, photographed by Jason Madara. The photographer’s characteristic dramatic cinematic style is combined perfectly with the beautiful handspun silk carpets. A play between light and dark adds a certain depth and as the result the beautiful characteristics of the carpets are being highlighted. The new collection of one-of-a-kind rugs is inspired by the ancient Indian art of color meditation and the power of color to influence mood.

Text: Ioanna Karagiorgou

ABC-Aura-Campaign-by-Jason-Madara-01-600x801 ABC-Aura-Campaign-by-Jason-Madara-02-600x801 ABC-Aura-Campaign-by-Jason-Madara-03-600x801 ABC-Aura-Campaign-by-Jason-Madara-04-600x449