It may looks like those images belong to an artist or a graphic designer, but they are in fact handcrafted woven textiles. Margo Wolowiec is the designer who creates these abstract patterns and gives them the substance of an artwork.  She has studied in the Art Institute of Chicago and then continued her studies in the College of Arts in San Francisco.  The past few years she has taken part in lots of solo and group exhibitions and she has won a great number of awards.

Text: Ioanna Karagiorgou

Margo_Wolowiec_woven_textiles_dye_sublimation_Graphics_art_06 Margo_Wolowiec_woven_textiles_dye_sublimation_Graphics_art_08 Margo_Wolowiec_woven_textiles_dye_sublimation_Graphics_art_09 Margo_Wolowiec_woven_textiles_dye_sublimation_Graphics_art_11 Margo_Wolowiec_woven_textiles_dye_sublimation_Graphics_art_12