Unfolding the riddle of one of the most eye-catching  menswear brands at Berlin Fashion Week.

UBI SUNT means “where are they (those who where before us?)”, a famous Latin literary motiv which medieval poems would start with. So “where are they” and “how are they”? Aidin Sanati and Moa Wikman met at a Design-Studio in London. Quick enough they realised their mutual affinity to darkness, Romanticism, and fine materials.

Uniting their aesthetic approaches, the designer duo with background from France and Sweden respectively, founded the refined Menswear brand that UBI SUNT has developed to become. Staying true to their dark palette, injecting color and discrete reflexions though, UBI SUNT presented an AW13 collection consisted of well tailored pants, well-shaped jackets und underlayers. The boyish feeling of SS13 has matured. More simple, sportier yet elegant, the UBI SUNT guy makes his statement and we are here to listen.

studio photos: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
link: http://www.ubisunt.se

photo by Lars Brandt Stisen
Text by Joanna Papazoglou