Elegance, vitality, comfort and innovation. Four words that characterize the fashion show of Lacoste.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista was influenced by an earlier novel action of Lacoste, the design of two yachts, the L42 in 1985 and of the L36 one year later, in collaboration with a French construction company which offered style, comfort and elegance. Keeping the style and the sporty line, Lacoste emphasizes on sailing this year. The colour pallet of the show was like the colors of the sea and of this summer sport, such as blue, white, red and yellow. It was sn innovative stylistic choice that impressed and diversified the yachting style thanks to the outwear synched to the waist that would create waves, like waving flags. Likewise, the asymmetrical striped cotton veil dresses and the asymmetrical outwears would capture the energy and the power of the wind.

The line iwas simple and a little bit stiff. This automatically changes the sporty look,  from the classic as we know it transported to the modern era, in 2015, from the eyes of Baptista.

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