Lou Dalton’s narrative pursuits belong to the past. It’s time she got hold of conditions and took control of herself! It’s time she defined her brand and shaped her target group! And this happens by going back to her roots. But she is not resting there, but updating them and bringing them to today.

She has emphasized on her tailoring techniques and ideas, to the combination and co-existence of elements of her past and ones of her vision, by constantly aspiring to never lose control. The sportswear and masculine tailoring merging she is attempting, leads to slightly oversized jackets, knee-length shorts, defined trousers, that are playing with details. Like that back-tying navy blue vest, or the internal pockets that are revealing themselves and have become external. What if it is worn the wrong way? Lou Dalton could not permit it; especially right now. She would not let any hanging doubts. She is accenting even more her classic lines with elements coming from the riders’ world and makes her ideal masculine, even more up to date.

The fact she walked on different paths tha what she has done so far, does not necessarily mean she took some kind of risk. However, it may not have been needful. The distorted flower petal knitwear did shine, though. And this is mainly due to their tendancy to turn away from the idea of perfection. Like some gaps between tradition and invention, some “inaccuracies” in their evolution, did. These are the elements though, that created some intimacy with the buyer, they have managed to withhold the collection from turning into a surgically accurate project. The shape has become spontaneous and potentially more personal, discipline has been lost and Lou Dalton is evolving men the way she dreams of them. She is finally presenting a masculine archetype that is now sincere. Both to itself and to its present.

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