Philosophy. Ardor for our planet and inspiration aroused by it lead to reflections on the nature of creation. Life line which led mankind to modern technologies, which seemed to be a look into the future quite recently, is reflected in the collection through the cut. The connection between past and future is traced in natural fabrics, ergonomic cut in combination with modern technologies, which found their reflection in author’s prints. Outerwear dominates in the collection and makes a basis of PRZHONSKAYA brand philosophy. Jackets, waistcoats, trench coats, capes and dust-cloaks for windy summer weather express the main message of the collection, that is, demonstration of significance and importance of these clothes in spring-summer season. They are supplemented with basic things, however, not lacking in the principal idea: shirt dresses, blouses, silk dresses, skirts and trousers. Transformation, transition, dynamics, movement… Color followed by texture and print are introduced into monochromic sets in proper doses and in a constructive way. The idea of contrasts and clear lines. The collection colors – white, blue, black and red. Fabrics – cotton, line, weight silk, jacquards, knitted fabric.

Text: Lazaros Tzovaras

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