Another interesting collaboration takes place, including Rihanna and legendary sportswear company, Puma. The famous musician, announced her new position at the company, as its creative director, through a picture she upload, on her Instagram account with the tag “The face you’re making when you’re the creative director of a sportswear company”. That’s not the first contact of the singer with the fashion industry, since besides as her declaration as a “fashion icon” and her long term friendships with designers, she has launched plenty collections in the past, with famous clothing companies. It is her first important role though, as a creative director, that she will have the last say in all the creative ventures of the company.

Her position will not stop at the creative process only. Rihanna will be the face of Puma, alongside Usain Bolt and Mario Balotelli and that means that she will star at the advertising campaigns too. Puma seems to pull the “big guns” to restore the brand’s old glory, since its sales have been very low lately. With Rihanna’s, unique aesthetics flair and fan base on their side, it seems that they have a lot more to show us in the future.