The star of Stine Goya is rising. She received a lot of press for her show stopping eye catchers on the red carpets. Her debut at Berlin Fashion Week is the logic consequence. Not for long will Henrik Vibskov remain single king of Scandinavian fashion. She designs for the strong feminine. Recent collaborations prove she is ready for more. A princess to be queen. Consistency will be key. Ozon met her backstage after her Autumn/Winter 2010 collection premiere.

There was quite a change from the last spring/summer collection what was the background about your inspiration?
I have been looking into Ansel Adams work. He was an American landscape photographer from the 30s and 40s. Visiting an exhibition of his work outside Copenhagen, I just fell in love with his pictures and found them really amazing because of the black and white contrasts. Then I watched a documentary about him and his friend Georgia O’Keefe. She was so cool living alternating in New Mexico and New York and wearing these great hats and long coats. In New Mexico she lived in this place called the ‘ghost ranch’. I instantly knew she had to be my muse.

Regarding the colours of this collection: You stayed with black and white. Besides, did the evolution in the orange and bronze tones occur according to the winter? Has the imagery inspired you so much?
In the winter most people don’t wear very bright colours, so I go along. Then I used colours that the landscapes of New Mexico would have: very burned orange and more toned down and dirty tones.

The raw Wild West setting was considered inappropriate for fine ladies. In your show, women walk confident through the saloon. What is the approach to femininity versus masculinity?

I took a strong feminine approach, where masculinity is taken over. Women are strong, not only in fashion but also in society.

Is there possibly a change in time where we are shifting into a post-industrial and post-metropolitan era, where cities like Berlin and Copenhagen behave more like combined villages instead of one big city?

I guess so. In Copenhagen we have more areas that differ. I would say that it is very interesting and charming that we do not see the same sort of culture everywhere today.

Will life become simpler again?

I hope so and in these times we need to make it simpler.

How many high noon fashion duels will we see then? A fashion war, where street fashion hunters are chasing fashionistas like cowboys tending flocks of cows?
That is a good metaphor fitting into the theme. We have too many real shootings with real guns. The street fashion photography is a much more preferable action in the streets.

Will women become stronger and even more wild in the future?

Yes, definitely.

Why have you been showing in Berlin and how did you like it?
Mercedes Benz invited me to show in Berlin and I thought it was a great opportunity. I work together with Agentur V and I would love to work closer with them and it was a good chance to see the German market in another way. It was such a good experience.

What are you going to do next? After presenting at two sequent fashion weeks, a vacation is well deserved now.

I am going to Thailand to chill in a resort and recharge. I am really looking forward to it. It has been so cold here for the last two months.

Interview: Janosch Boesche