Burberry Prorsum 2014 #LCM


Scarves and pasminas seemed to be the key elements of Christopher Bailey’s new men’s Fall 2014 collection for Burberry Prorsum. Full of colors and prints, he used them in almost every look, whether wrapped around the shoulders, or falling under the coat or just hanging from one shoulder. Throughout the collection the silhouettes were kept very simple, contradicting the bright prints. Christopher Bailey gave a lot of emphasis in reinventing the simple coat, by keeping a plain structure and adding prints.

London Collection: Men/Report

_ARC0009.450x675 _ARC0019.450x675 _ARC0028.450x675 _ARC0037.450x675 _ARC0050.450x675 _ARC0110.450x675 _ARC0208.450x675 _ARC0218.450x675 _ARC0234.450x675 _ARC0249.450x675 _ARC0280.450x675 _ARC0294.450x675 _ARC0324.450x675 _ARC0341.450x675 _ARC0357.450x675 _ARC0387.450x675 _ARC0407.450x675 _ARC0424.450x675 _ARC0436.450x675 _ARC0486.450x675 _ARC0599.450x675 _ARC0615.450x675 _ARC0624.450x675