Fashion Films by Pierre Debusschere

The talented Belgian photographer Pierre Debusschere, keeping a low profile, specializing in fashion photography and also is the one who created the first free digitalVogue Hommes Japan for iPad. He has undertaken major editorials for several top magazines like Vogue Hommes Japan and Citizen K, but also is a regular contributor to Dazed & Confused. His work has been exhibited throughout Europe, including a presentation at Colette in Paris during fashion week, where he performed, creatively, the collections as he produced an original fashion film based on fashion shows each day separately. He is, also, artistic director of Raf Simons.

Going beyond the traditional processes involved in creating an image from the fashion, his work embodies, really, the concept of multimedia. One of the latest fashion films created by combining, once again, stunning visuals and sound impacting, directly, the viewer.

Source: GratefulGrapefruit