Issey Miyake Fall 2014 #PCM


Some weird-but amazing- prints were introduced by the house of Issey Miyake. Structured suits were given a unique twist when colored in bright colors such as blue, pink and orange but all three colors in the same outfit. The most interesting part of the collection though were the two jackets in very unique metallic hues, one in green and one in blue.

Text: Ioanna Karagiorgou

YVL_8491.450x675 YVL_8528.450x675 YVL_8545.450x675 YVL_8565.450x675 YVL_8577.450x675 YVL_8589.450x675 YVL_8655.450x675 YVL_8663.450x675 YVL_8676.450x675 YVL_8686.450x675 YVL_8697.450x675 YVL_8706.450x675 YVL_8776.450x675 YVL_8783.450x675 YVL_8791.450x675 YVL_8800.450x675