New Fashion Designer: Gül Ağış

The fashion designer, Gul Agis, born in Istanbul, graduated from Bilkent University with degree on English language and literature and she worked for 8 years in several advertisement and pr agencies. By that time, she started studying fashion design at Lasalle Academy Istanbul and then, decided to move to Milan for studying fashion design at Istituto Marangoni. She did her internship in some Italian brands and worked as a styling assistant in one of the leadıng fashion magazines of Italy, Mood. Her first collection was launched with her sister in London. After graduating her master from Politecnico she started working for C’N’C COSTUME NATIONAL and played an important role in the creative process of FW 2005 Costume National collection to name it Istanbul and making fabric designs for the show. Today, Gul Agis, works as head of fashion design at Hey Textile and she designs for many big names in Europe. At the same time, she is an instructor at the ITU University -FIT(Fashion Institute of Technology New York) giving Fashion Art and Design lessons. Gul set up her own line “LUG VON SIGA” in 2009 and participated to Galata Fashion Festival for 3 times since. The collection takes place in showroom in Paris and Milan and aiming to launch it in Tokyo and New york. Gul Agis presented her new Lug Von Siga 2012 F/W Collection entitled “My Tears Are My Witness” and introduced herself to ozonweb:

Tell me a little about yourself… What are your general professional and non-professional interests?

I love art, taking photos and spiritual works such as yoga, meditation and quantum…What you think you become…This is my philosophy.

What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

I love the beginning, like when you come up with something and you know that you get it…like the process of falling in love…You have the heart beat, excitement…

Who are some of your favorite designers and what are some of your favorite clothing stores/blogs/websites/magazines/books? 

I, always, admired Helmut Lang and Ennio Capasa (Costume National), as I have worked many years with him. I love Dazed & Confused, Love Magazine, Le Black, Kiliwatch in Paris, small shops in Tokyo, weekdays in Stockholm, antique bazaar in Milan, Navigli with vintage stuff and spiritual books on sufism and healing.

Where do you get your inspiration and what are some of your fashion goals?

I get my inspiration from everywhere. My mind, always, work on the new ideas and forms, materials and stories. On my latest collection “My Tears Are My Witness”, I used a lot of turkish carpet symbols in order to tell the story…

What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

Always believe in your dreams, be creative yet grounded.

Interview: Naya Zikou | Photographer: Ayten Alpün