Petra Collins: Girls And Guns


At 20, Petra Collins is casting director for iconic photographer Richard Kern, staff photographer for Rookie and curates her own online collective for female creatives, The ArdorousPetra was born in Toronto and now she travels all over the world, taking photos, writing and more. She also published in magazines from Vice to i-D  and lauded by the art world for her extraordinary, no-holds-barred photos that they are full of nostalgia yet so-alive colours. Her models look like modern lolitas. And sometimes look funny and sometimes look pretty -and kinda lost-…




I know. That reminded you Wim Wenders’ “Paris, Texas”…


And here is the poster of her first attempt to make her own short movie (“The Crimson Crusade”). She, surely, has a thing for girls and guns.


Well, enjoy (more) of her controverial taste and work:

Text: Natasa Koumi