The Bombers Originals are back!

The bomber has recently taken over the fashion world, but now it takes on a new twist in unusual colors and fresh silhouettes.

It’s amazing to think about how greatly fashion has been influenced by workwear or purely functional garments. Most functional clothing might not have started out as “fashionable,” but sometimes happy aesthetic accidents can occur. The origin of the bomber jacket, or flight jacket, can be traced back to World War I. Military pilots had enough to worry about without freezing temperatures distracting them, so they needed something to keep them sufficiently warm during flight. To solve this issue, the Royal Flying Corps in Belgium and France wore long, heavy-duty leather flying coats around 1915.


But the iconic military jacket in navy blue or khaki nylon was created for the pilots of the US Air Force in the early 50s. From the beginning of the sixties, it is adorned with an Orange “warning” lining intended to be able to spot pilots in distress. Since then several brands have created bombers, but it was Bombers Original who made it accessible to the general public. and available in a wide variety of colors.

Incarnating the Bomber in every detail, firstly because of its unequivocal name, Bombers Original has succeeded in ensuring the continuity of this historic brand while giving it a new creative breath: By revisiting the timeless classic of the Bomber adapted to the Requirements of urban customers and trend-setters.


After all who can resist to this cult garment, worn by the veterans of Vietnam and by Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean? The Bombers Originals are back! For good.

In Greece you will find them in PrimeTimers stores and they are distributed by WESCBB: +30 210 5765920

Words by: Lena Gkovari